Pummelled. Antsy. Immobilized. Nightmarish.

P.A.I.N. welcomes you to its anonymous support group. Just you and it. Oh crud. That’s it.

Then you give it your attention.

You listen.

You cannot wait to leave.

How many steps is the P.A.I.N. group? Twelve?
C’mon, now!
You are supporting your pain.

Yes… YOU are the sponser. NOT the recipient of help.
You must listen to your…


1 step?
1000 steps?
What is the difference?
1 day of pain?
1000 days of pain?
Living day-to-day is different that “1 day at a Time”, now, huh?

Oh, am I talking about A.A., now? No. I am talking about anonymous pain.

[Pain, see Pain-Anon]:

File A:

Andrew Ray Giesbrecht,
DOB 04/10/74

Lab test + for Hypogammaglobunemia in ’81,
Lab test + for both Hereditary Angioedema type I in 2007,
Both diseases reconfirmed in 2013,
A third condition dx in 2009- plantar fibromatosis

First pronounced HAE-attack:

Patient reports:

“I know now that the pain I felt was muscle tearing inside my abdomen, but because of neuropathic physiology… I felt it in my shoulders and it is comparable only to a sulfuric acid burn. I have had one… of those.

    My reaction as a 15 year old was to assume I was near hell by being in it. Hell as from Biblical concept. The description in scripture is sulphuric burn in the book of Revelation.

        Despite what one may interpret the Bibles many pages to mean, I find grounding in that my experience was so mind-blowing that I still learn after 40 years of experience (now I remember “fetal” sized attacks at age 4, speculate my gestation was equally as unpleasant as my existance at age 40, yet I reserve that perhaps a way was made for me to endure fear… and in the respect of “need to fear” all men are formed in an equality.

     I have an existential string-theory that has been a pain in my gut instinct to write. I will document and explain the entire universe of existance, love, evil, hate, crime, economics, language transliteration and “the ethics on teaching ethics to monkey-bait” for $1000/hr. Or free if I know you IRL if I feel like it… I’d even tell you my favorite translation of the Bible. No extra charge.

    But seriously, my favorite question is “who are YOU?”, because I can best see my prison cell in your eyes’ reflection. And when people say, “Know Thyself”, personally I laugh and see a grave like Bill Bixby did on the show Incredible Hulk. I died before I was born, perhaps.

     And yet here I am. Maniacs preaching on a hell that is “spiritual death” are fascinating to me. I could always feel their fear because I overcame it. And you could look and SEE who is talking now. I am dead. Jesus lives inside me.

      How long has it been this way? He has me.”

Abruptly he leaves the medical interview and a doctor writes a “party foul” ticket for being a borderline personality patient. But the RN dude smiles and says,


“I wish everyone had a medical advocate like he has in him.”

boo yahhh… thanks, Sonny


Day Day

Days double
Double day
Psyched out?
Its okay
It is okay on your “double day”
Double the day…
Don’t laugh-
No, its okay,
Because I was just thinking
About “double your pleasure”
And “double your fun”
The 1980s jingle.
For Freedent gum.
Now, I have upper dentures…
Since before I was 40.
I AM 40.
See the fallacy
In English there??
“Since before I was 40” is said
to refer to 40 as an
Exact number, but time is not EXACTED!
English AND math are wrong!
Double subject
Double the pun

Oh- are you leaving
Why don’t you just
Stay awhile and
We could chat-
No I am dis-
Away &
way &
ay &
y &













   Hi, there. I’m back. I apologize for any confusion. Next paragraph, please.

  My name is Andrew. But you can just call me Awesome. That was something back there. I went off the page, you saw my S.O.S. and brought me back. I appreciate that.

|Z|2014| Interdimensional Brainspaz Writer’s Ass[ ] & Sleepless Knights Ltd.

(proof > ) [.]



I write Syntaxsinner.wordpress.com

Its my Vermillion Red soul…
Not my DEEP Sea syvyss BLUE soul

I am comfortable with my disintegrated multiple personalities being separate but harmonious…

I am asexually my own Sponge Bob.
Splooling out
Copies of myself…


|Zaphanathpaneah|… because sometimes you wanna die…
Why not just divide??…

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That Syntaxsinner… he is a mad scientist who used to live in the back yard of MY mind. Then he ran away.

He owes me rent.
As far as I’m concerned… he can go “blog” himself… he is anyway.

He never calls to thank me.

|Z| Zaphanathpaneah…      …17 degrees of seperation… from |§|

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Tell Me How To Get To Love Street


You wake up tired
You’re not so tired
Under the sheet from me
I blow on your hair
Like an annoying prick
I lick your ear
You say, “No! Eww!”
But I know girl, that YOU know
You know why I’ve trained you

You are my unmelting popsicle
What’s this?
Purple panties?
They look good… on the floor
I feel sweaty
Its hot!
I never learn
I’m a man whore

Hey, that purple material
Looks nice on your ankles
I wish I could tie it
But your feeeet?
They need to have a vacation
From eachother

Don’t answer the phone
Who is it?
Your friend Brenda just called
To complain
You’re back?
I’m not in the mood
Why the hell the phone gotta ring?
Its MY bedroom too…
I just wanted to bang you softly
Now I’m sad
You’d rather talk to your friend

Nuh uh
You want to rub my back?
I’m going to get a 9am beer to relax
Okay I’m back

Oh that feels sooo good
So sooo damn good
Oh baby you smell good
You what?
Ah shaddup! Heh heh. You don’t
You don’t need a shower
Ooo I like your soft breasts
Brushing my back
Its like I’m your prison bitch
And your boobs are bangin’ me

Mmm. Your hair smells good
Why you gotta say you didn’t
Didn’t wash it?
You make me feel dirty and…
What do I do?
I’m just going to have to flip you
Flip you over
And whippity diddle DO you
And you’re gonna have to like it

And we’re not going anywhere
So you’re just going to like it
This should only take, mmmm
An hour or two
I’m tired and
I feel lazy and
I wanna make sure I knock over
Of your dominos
Ya get it

What what?
You didn’t hear me?
On your back
Tell me if you’re comfortable
Every step o’ the way, Breakfast!

Yeah I did
I called you “Breakfast”
Now I’m going to eatcha up
Ooo- look at these legs



You are