Unterfelder Urbani

In the Year Zero

Zero is now

Year AD, irrelevant

What is this life?

Unity of yours and mine

For now conside I write not to ye, audience

But my nephew Rexian Lokian

Today is his name branding to humility and better understanding

To Lukas Rexi the bridal veil-maker

How humiliating

He thought he was a king’s mage

On a triple mission from Heaven

So what if he is?

Down cast to Luke Page, messenger of his crazy uncle “Hrothgager Mage sub-preme”

How utterly embarassing

He has time only to do foiled sub-spells for Anglica

But does he really talk with Hallowed Seraphim?

Luke Page, internet disaster boy-man-do

Good for you

We have taken you off-grid

We will mail you the letter with the Az squid emboss

Check your POBox

-Crimson Lotus Roy Xh-page hand…



10554 SE Main Street Suite 308 Milwaukie, OR 97222- 4 blocks from DH Comics Fun Factory

Handbook on rated “G” action to promote civility action and not reaction, respect for authority from Popo to judge to librarian, mom and dad

Not yet written

I’m A Harris, uncle to the uncles (sp.??!)

Not affiliated with gov’t

Interested in having some family

Write snail mail

If you do not know what the hack that IS…

Google: “Snail mail def”

Write to me, and that will make me happy

Wife and I have no kiddos

For now, write if you are 17+ years old

Ages 17-123 years old, no partiality

You missing a dad, Miss, age 50?

I’m a Mage Page of the Joshua Tree of Early Morning Rising

My cloister of scattered tribal LJC kids

LJC is a parallel “church” cloister to off grid LDS

Our temple is our body

More spendy than marble

LJC = ?

Sire (Lord)

IESVS (Jesu(s))

Rex (Christ)

Chewy chomp words

“A rose by any other name, would it not smell as sweet?”


(don’t hold a weapon, no, mm be nice,)

Also that address… is an estate.

Please don’t write insane stuff about wacko doodley


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