Save Hiroshima II

I read a little. I really like Asian culture like Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Okinawan, Korean…

I like freedom. Freedom can have its price, such as partiers at a football game can get unruly and security close a fence and 80 people die from a factor of natural science- the trampling. Or protester shot by police, or unruly country invaded by a well-meaning narcissistic country with 100x the necessary firepower.

Change of context. Spin. Twirl…

DIDNT SYRIA COMMIT SUICIDE AS A WHOLE? Recently. Consider if Syria was a person, did they fall into a noose? Pardon me if I misspeak, but it also takes courage not to fear fate.

ISNT the country North of South Korea SUICIDAL JUST THE SAME? Drop a live/du nuke in Sea of Japan for fun? Fun for NKorea? Probably. Fun for Japan? What do you suppose Japan is feeling in their cabinet? President? ALREADY in WWII had the proverbial TWO CHEEK smited. Say no more.

Someone please recognize that CHINA NKOREA JAPAN are

ROCK PAPER SCISSORS -ing the biggest peace game EVER or precursor to a pre-emptive

And for NKOREA I think, without judging morals- UN team wins the PAPER ROCK SCISSORS but needs to give it a siesta for like a year, please. I personally request this on behalf of the first Asian spirit “Amenominakunushi” sacred pre-Shinto first spirit of the first motion of the universe as a tranquil powerful one.

On behalf of USA ally Japan, I, one man, will burn incense to the “Ameno”, for he is my sole gog over all Gods. Over Kims, Dengs, Hitos…

Over Obamas, Putins, Shahs, all “fathers”, and all “gods”…

The Reality is freedom in reality. Holy Cow, I do not mean to leave out any nation you know. Bombs booming are unreal to children. Having reviewed photos myself of my adopted brothers in tribal desert Pakistan on Facebook, and seeing bods without light made me realize we do really return to the Earth as dust. Why feign the worst kind?

NKOREAN President Kim Jung Un, I wish I could say we as the USA say:

HARU HARU! “day by day we live- El Shaddai, El Shaddai- “Prince of Peace” writ on his thigh- he is faithful, he is true… he knows exactly what you will do…” But does everybody know how a BIG paper rock scissors game ends badly? IT DOESN’T!! Its a past time

Thank you, East Asia for Tae Kwon Do (Koreas), Shinto log rides! (Japan) Beautiful writing & Shaolin! (China), Mayahana breathing sciences for PTSD from war (Vietnam).

I have tears in my eyes. Almost, I’m too tough from my Shidoshi training to cry. I sigh out of the ducts of my ears. I burn the incense in the small flesh of my lungs for one of your cities…spin the wheel!!!!

spin spin spin spin spinning slows STOP! Hiroshima

We bless you as the rebuilt center of consciousness of the eternal night light TONITE

Pan Yao “Ahn Ru Haru San”, Son of Power for Tranquility

Pacific Civil Arts NW and Shinto Culture Enthusiasm


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