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Watership Down: Revenge Of The Frith

Not so long ago…

Out in an English Shaw not so far away…

“Watership Down”

Episode II: Waterboarding Madness

as you know, the Star Wars movies start out like this. So I figured I would mimic them. For your amusement. I do not know if you are familiar with Watership Down? Well in the beginning of that world, the “Frith” is The deity who made the Watership Down world and I think that because it rhymes with Sith. This will not be anything about that.

The following spoof story is dedicated to Richard Adams, who is in English war hero who has put into Watership Down his feelings about humanity, what we are capable of both good and bad, and even the prospect of spiritual internal life. Afterlife too. He says that his stories scared his daughters… Why yes, anytime fuzzy-wuzzy bunnies are calling each other and it’s bloody the author may be a sicko psycho… If I were to judge that, I would be even more so… To you Richard, pleasantly surprised you are still kicking, in your nineties.

If anybody wishes to write and thank Richard for writing Watership Down, his address is:

Attn: Richard Adams

26 Church St.

White church, Hampshire RG28 7AR


and now…


Watership Down: revenge of the Frith

Even now as I write I can tell the computer world is jealous of the old world where we wrote on the paper with pin or with typewriter. I wrote revenge of the Frith… spell correct put fridge… anathema!!

From up above in the sky we see

A flock of geese in fashion military

their wings are painted like Indians do

The geese form a motley crew


In they fly to England, swift

from Goose-lama-bad far away

this is to be an unusual day

they claim to be sent by the Frith!


On the backs of the geese smart rodents steering,

anti-aircraft see them mice with turbans appearing

rabbits sound the alarm but it is too late

they head for America


it is hard to say who is in charge

The geese used to fly or the mice not so large

war is declared in the United States

dogs and cats Are sent to the East without much debate


The Fuzzlim mice and the suicidal geese

Declare a holy war at Monticello

They claim they have the blessing of Frith

The Canada geese, usually quiet, denounce them from their headquarters in Quackbeck


Wars went on in the desert places

Tyrants for massive power in that hour

I am skipping ahead past details and faces

To a war to end all wars…”

And you can read about it. I will write about it on syntaxsinner.Wordpress.com + Watership Down + Whitehorse