Trinity Is “Two And One” Not Three: Doctrine Explaination Breakthrough… Holy Laughter… Sign Yourself… Just Don’t High-sign Yourself… I Was- Hey!- Gimme The Mic Back!!

    My blog here was nominated last year. For WordPress. Thank you to the punk who wrote me up. You rock. We all when… won way or an udder. *Sigh*

   Blogging is like playing Simon Says… only YOU are the only player. Fun. So we shoot in the dark.

What THIS post is about

    I am one of the deadliest West Coast snipers. With a bible.

       I went to Multnomah Bible University. In week two of my first year in 1998- I experienced hell. My body went septic and I became BOTH suicidal and ILL physically. It was clusterfunk.
I dropped out. But not before a righteous NDE tore me a new world view. Or two. String theory? Seven.

      Seven eyes. Seven spirits. Did I SEE it? No. I have hereditary angioedema, ptsd, bipolar and a spectrum disorder. I am human. Barely. No I assure you I am a man. 40 years young with Clooney salt and pepper.


    I was faking a smile. I hate Costco.

   Okay, so American theology and trinitarian christology meets ME…

   Did I mention my spectrum disorder? The attempt on my life by a “christian” sports ministry charismatic sex addict? No? Nevermind.

What is the triune God?
  3 in 1?


     The human brain has dual occular tourets powered by oxygen and electricity. One is dominant (leader) and the other recessive (student). They are called? They are?


     God the father is the dominate light. The son is the recessive “student”. The holy spirit is energy & oxygen of them. Energy IS light.


If light = deity

And flesh = man

Jesus is a man of light.

A man is not God.

God’s one son is Jesus.

Every baby born has the
Father, Son, Holy Ghost
MESSAGE to them!-


Alpha eye, beta eye…
Spirit of unity,

YOU (not my were-rabbits) are a bearer of the imago dei.

Are you scared of judgment?
Do not be.

Are you unafraid and comfortable? Start to… fear.


I do not know about my audience, but I screw up.
I am deep in the depths of the trenches of this world…


     How do you get OUT and not die?


     First of all, don’t believe what dogs say. What is that? Oh. You don’t know? Nevermind, dudes and dudettes…


   There will be.. TODAY.. a way to FLY. You must choose. You must take care of your health and tend to your emotions.


This little lite ain’t mine.
Its a gift to us from the Sun and Moon of Eden Renewal tech support.

Inshaa Isa the Son
Inshaa God his father
Inshaa Life in the SPIRIT of
      carry you today



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