Das “Sur-veev-or” Motto


I am no where now

Now I am nothing

Shame and damnation?

Fire up the burger… “I in me and me is dead I we I gone I gone I gone crazy wheaty butter biscuit

I not the same

(For shizz-nit)

I in I in I in I

Me out

Outta me here no dingy for mee bee

I, battleship

I, Hulk

I Go-runky Ape-zilla

Robot of doom made of meat and mean rags over my cornholios and jojos and nibby doo days


I drank it

On Mount Zuel

I am a dog-o-nautic humanoid water-hucker
Super soldier of mayhemic undivine uber-celest mess.

I am

I am not me again
I treincarnated into triple riff

I pre-incarnally became the future predessecor of the
   un-kind inner rind find
While still alive I am ded and exist like a phoenix and a
fist, Ulla.

Like a Phoenix and a fist, Ulla.

Inn shah lay
  In the shadow of NW Shah…
      Today we lay…

If Judah has one-
How is the Lion of Joseph?
   Of Zapanath-Paneah?
Pillar of fire?

Is life dull…
Or is it all comprised of
    countless nano-miracles??
If u want UP
     THINK on the latter


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