Hula Hoop Master

         when Jimmy Johnson got to school he knew that he was no one’s fool. he was the hula hoop master.used to beat up other kids dogs and that wasn’t right and he knew that. Its not like he was stupid.

      JIMMY jammer Johnson was just an idiot. that means like he was stupid but not officially stupid as much stupid as an idiot is. I don’t know what your problem is if that doesn’t make sense to you.


but now Jimmie Johnsons is old and he doesn’t know anything at all

who could know anything at ALL after all that?

He was not hey hula hoop master only… he was a magic man too.

but who cares because right now all I’m doing is testing out my text to voice program

sorry that’s my voice to text program. Hahaha

ha ha ha he he ho cucumbers Nukem burbu convert blue Comber Bloomberg bombas lumberg lumberg lumberg lumberg Slava

see that?

only was doing or saying dumb things like blonde burglar burglar would it be da blah blah for Ag

I do not dance like a little girl I dance like a crazy man who is jumping around and cannot stop because gasoline cans are following him down the road and they have legs and arms and they are on fire

I am seriously voicing out the text right now on my blog for the very first time and it is so amazing that I am banging my head on a wall and I am slapping myself with the back of my own left hand

only a complete idiot would blog like this with his voice and keep on going and say crazy things like…



mother f*****


monkey buns banker


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