Forget All Past Lovers

         I read this in a Facebook post out of Pakistan. It is a great admonishoning if you grasp the life-long reward of embracing NOW. The simple fact is that one simply does not HAVE anyone because they remember time with a nice person of the opposite sex.

     The general mind in Pakistan is influenced directly by the neighboring countries like India, Iran, China. As far as “mind set” or how the American mind is set, Americans “cut and paste” and waste! People call themself Buddhist. Then they marry same sex. Notice I made “past lovers” apply to opposite sex. Not “past dog party”. People want a buddy pass and take a nuptial. Fine, since its at gun point, Mary.

     Well, while lots of people are commiting their night to suicide, some of us want to grow and have a perspective OTHER than laughing how we won’t make 40. And don’t care. Hollywood porn actor has HIV. Not my problem. Wear a rain coat law? You law makers legalized porn. Its on YOU.

         So a man does not want to reflect on how his Summer with Olga Bertermeister was hot and maybe better than his wife. Good for him! Really! A memory is something that should be good enough to tell others as a wily old man in a chair. I cannot stand hearing old guys talk about “jumping in the bushes with Betty Boomer”. Its pathetic.

        Well, I’d put up pictures too, but I wouldn’t want to make anyone jealous of my wife. She can punch like a guy while doing her make up. See? I told you. Stop lusting.

Go to the park. Feed the birds. No, really- why would I need to be a mental polygamist? Maybe if on morphine, I’d dream of my wife or the Starbucks girl massaging my feet and how would I work into that WHY a young woman would be an idiot and think I am great? Yeah.


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