I Am Dust… How Can I Have Being?

     I want to know God.

Isa-Il is the man and he connex to every man of male/ female but they have no gender in him. We conduct our gender and self.

    God knows US. In that there, is salvation. He grants eternal life. He assess the world AND believers in Isa-il…
the one who bears sin.

    “Kiss” the son, I say to ME.
IN OTHER WORDS, say hi. Welcome. Each day. His grace preceeds my good deeds. I am MADE for good. But God alone is. He lives in me by “Isa-il”…


Don’t Dinner Me

I have a friend
His name is Llama
With an “Él”
He rides a Yamaha a lot and
I say, Moto
And he say,


I say-
        “Koo chee
         choo chee
         cha cha
And he say,
     “Look- ah Hootchie Mama!!”

Well the street
Isn’t neat
Along comes Cira so petite
And I say,

   “Bla bla bla bla bla

L’ama say:

    “Wawuh wuhwa blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!”


What does that Fox say?

Do you like my jeans?
I got them in Spain
They are still wet from
Dancing in the rain

I play a lot
Get. Hot.
Need a bit
Of Icy-hot
Becuz my foot
Is so bad hurtin’
Would you boyz
Raise the curtain
Of my blouse
Just enough
To get my icy-hot
In a tube rocket
In my back

we said
we said

Her eyes began to glow
Like amber glass
Bubbling molten butter
And she

can’t explain the VOID
in that
Alley at night
  Avoid it!

She’s a she wolf
Born to bite
Bad as a snake skull in the
She go “ti loca”
But pretty boca

Until her lips turn out teeth
And she makes a meal mean
Until her lips bring out screams…

And your bloody image is
   Reflected in her EYES…
Last thing you see!!!

My intestines!!
Bring them back!!!
I need them for a good
     surgical recovery percentage… !!!!

too late
too late…


My liver, too???

You b-
You bia- !!!!





“Hooowwwwwwwl ! ! ! ”

She wins.


    Something you ought to not do by doing what you might miss doing.


(Been meaning
to redo things like
   perhaps via auf Lucasspeak
  like “ta-da!!”

I am White Andy-Wonder Bread. Toast me. Butter me.
Put me in your pocket. Go to P.E. class. Sneak a snack on a 4-lap.

Man I wanna rap.
Hold it in…
Hold it…

| A |

Even A Femi-Nazi Lesbian’s Philosophy Is To Be A Man

   Woman: Philosophy of Man
   Man: Philosophy to be The.


Feminazi- dress as males, men and dominant power, shun recessive POWER.

Recessive power dead, dying, low.


Find and compare face of-

1) Finnish gramma (Nana),
2) SF female CEO lesbian age
        55+ (seriously)
3) Iowa farmer wife, age 60


Being dominant & recessive in soceity is not gay.

Dominance is not male. Look at the stupid Lion King lazy ass. He is polyamorous & females hunt for him.

Yet did that lion earn that?
Is he that?
Is she that?
World standard is not
      original supernatural

Any woman is a woman.

Iron to iron.

I reserve the right to reject a persona. Even a person. But not a sex. Not a gender. Or we die from insanity in the brainitude.

“Do not judge” goes with “lest ye be judged.”

So judge. What is wrong?
Point out stuff. Yet it feel good to shut up and just drink a water.

Drinking water is not against any religion or creed except Deathilism.
“Sorry- you bench warmers to eternal life!!”

A daisy by any other name is still a Duke.

A posie by any other name…
is still a poser.

A lily by any other name, is just in the field.

A daffodil by any other name..
is just a dill.

A tulip by any other name is just… a kiss.

A dandelion by any other name… is a gay lion.

A bird of paradise by any other name… is just the bird.

A Cornish game hen by…….



| A | 2014

Animal Patterns

   And the geese that just flew away. Now I’m looking at a woman putting her black 3mo old kitty cat in the car… …she is showing midriff, wearing black tights and has a mane of whitened black blonde gold hair.

     Animal patterns. Beware?

    I just heard a dog bark. What is this a circus?
Parking lot to right aid.
Dumb dangerous cars make as much noise as a bison.

    Well… since computers have emerged, I feel so much more conscious that animals have input then output signals. We had 5 species + of duck at our pond. Maybe all the human multicultural movement compelled them to meet… and krap crayola-variant hues of poos in the parking lot.

      The silver South American ducks up here- that is odd. Gave me an excuse to observe them. Larry the neighbor said the SA ducks carry diseases the other ducks do not need. I know geneticly people carry diseases too.

    So that is a consideration in intermarriage. What??? Sure. In any marriage too. Touché, multiculturalists preachers of the 1990s. We CAN make each other sick.

Why Is There Christmas?

    Great question. So Protestants and Muslims
and Catholics
           can exchange gifts with themselves together.

   Holy cow! Anybody can celebrate Christmas. Its so stupid as a holiday can get.

I know its Summer, but we should all prepare to lose money… and hurt one another emotionally.

Robin… it is too early to reincarnate and this is a cell phone. Somehow its one that reaches out all around and find neat-o things.

   I am not a normal celebrity. I AM NOT a celebrity. I’m a virtubot hunting young minds for meal.

If I am a celebrity its as a BLOGGER its artificially and its end of the line
as Century Man was a robot wishing to be human.
I really wish,
as a distant star, me, hi! I have a little Robinite in me by Osmosis today,
I wish the best for Robin William’s wife and family.

     I wish I could convey how I sift in information and my heart… that time, talent, man and God who is love…
I’m unable to write.
You’ll be in my prayers,
Seriously, apart from characters in my heart
I feel for you

(I say apple of my eye)
And “Apple”,

one writer,

Andy Harrison



     Is a soup. Did you want a picture? Try the soup.

    There is no soup for YOU.

    Not here.

    Is that phrase copyrighted?

    “No soop 4 U?”

    How CAN.. it be?

    How CAN.. it be?

    No soup for everyone today. Entire planet. No soup. If in mid-sip, stop. No! Do not stop sip! I don’t want you to choke. Do no laugh. Soup could experience nose! No!
Whats a mattah for you, eh??
No soup for YOU. You are not soup-suitable!!

  I should really check and see how many readers I still have. Probably two subscriptions- one an 89 year old White man with breast cancer who likes popsicles. The other, a promising chubby 9 year old Serbian boy wants to be like me and keeps his singular black Addidas wet sock in the freezer in a ziplock for good luck.