Smokey The Bear Punched Me

    Hi, y’all okra! I’m Red Fire Jimmy and was in the woods, driving my rig. I was sickened by all the beauty of Yosemite, Yellowstone, Spongeblob, and Jellystone National Forests, etcetera, etcetera. I got out of the cab and suited up. My cap is blue and my flamethrower backpack with 10 gal. fuel capacity is PURPLE and RED and I absolutely HATE, ABHOR, DETEST, VILLIFY, DENOUNCE AND BERATE TREES every day.

      But this day was SPECIAL. I was going to burn down Smokey The Bear’s House and in-the-ground Christmas tree that is always lit… shhhh!

And its by Smokey The Bear’s Jacuzzi on his very expansive park-like treeloving-doo-hoo-hoo joyful property at his private estate in Beverly Hills, California 90210…

No joke.

So I sneak in at night like the total dooley I am… and my pilot flame is hissin’ …

I’m in.

Oh man.

And then it hits me.

I told you.
Smokey the Bear hit me
with peppah!!


He told me I am a brat.
And to love ice, not fire.


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