Refueling While Moving

   In a plane. Just saw it in a movie. C’mon, America. Wake up. Nightmares in your American Dreams? Hey sweet duckies… here is ONE idea-

Who can drive non-stop (safely) and refuel while moving at 55 MPH?

Let’s say… who will?


South America tip to Alaska! What a TRIP that would be.

South Africa to Spain. No stopping. Only rolling.

Base 3451 Antarctica to Alert in Nunavut territory, nation of Canada. Uhhh. No. That won’t work.
(Too many islands.)

But hey, even though I am a jokester and wannabe Niki Lauda on fire for driving… I think people NEED to get oky

    Oh… its so cute. Oky. Hi there new word “oky”… (pronounced Au·Key)

   Are you okay, Oky?


Oh… my feeling is deeper, sir

But thank you

For protecting…


Now THAT was a show. Mork & Mindy. It was like church. Learning right and wrong. How to get along.


And, ya know… Mindy is not
his wife or woman
  but we all need a place to
    nest. Mork was in the attic
     and layed an egg.

Oh yeah right.

He did! On the show.

And then a big old man.

Well, Robin will be missed. As a blogger, I want to say that I care somehow about people. Robin was born to funny, and us funny guys have heart, right? So I think he would say:

“‘King of Comedy’?”… sorry for the tragedy.
We all must face tragedy.”

The movie “TOYS” may give insight to fans about Robin dying. I do not like to say Robin died. His persona matrix is so open. What do I mean by that? That others should copy the good he did.


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