Wag 4 Hire. DNC Promo 2016

Can I?
I can.
I am a citizen.
Disabled badly.
Do not ask.
I can get flash on myself via IV style, homie. I have HAE type I.
I fear nothing.
Except bad biscuits and mimes.

I have 2 FB friends.
Not including me.

   Yeah, they are in the Middle East.


    They are real men. Not American woodle-poogs.

    What’s that?

    Never mind.

    They are nice to me. Friggin’ Sean Connery cool cats. Lions. Pashtun, baby.

    I have been anethstized. Inundated. Inducted. Into tribe Afridi.

    Do you know what the hell that MEANS??

    I… AM… the ONLY American related to Dr. Shakeel Afridi who betrayed bravely the whereabouts of Usama Bin Laden. U.. U…. They use an U not an O.

    Yes. So our mafia-whacking style president, oh gosh no.. sorry.. our successfully SNIPER-eyeing president…… ahhhh… better…

I called my reps… must have been delirious because I thought my Afridi clan friends died THIS year in a butterfly DOOLEY… and SO- I blamed us… boo! Yay. Whatever. The point is, is that hierchal ethics are a bitch.

     Ten years is too long to hunt future super-terrorist jerk faces. Sorry. Hierchal means values like Art of War Sun Tzu grand standard. Should be called a war-bible.
We shoulda captured & tried Usama… yet- funky flunk dunk, no. We dibbled 2. Everyone dies.

     Okay. Problem. Pakistan has gone extremist. My buds are THERE. You don’t get to be my friend on FB peachy dill, cuz its just a private party. But I have societal intel. Not military. Like anyone gives a rats shit. You racist capitalist fascist pieces of shim living all around me, eating schwarma and buying belly dancing videos. I am kidding.

     No I am not. This sucks. Our president O is the best yet. He has brought chalk and chaw back after shock n’ awe mastrubatory rock bombings to splaoge relief aids on American TV. Rank? File it. That was really J-Y. Blow up shit big. Thanks GOP for blowing with no wind sock to guide. Shut it. Kidding. Not.
Lion’s blood. Losing!

     No not really. My country is practicing war and after WWII its been declining. War ability. We suck at coming home jubulant. Now each mission can be redeemed. But now, lets say the World War of America on TERROR is OVER- until we meet the next bastard who passes flippin’ gas.

    If we do that, the 10s (2010-2019) can STILL BE a new improved EIGHTIES. People loved the 80s. If you did not, shut up. You were not born yet. Or born-again yet.

I want to state a

State Of National Non-Emergency NOW!!

Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty, we are free at last… to forgive everyone responsible and NOT responsible for


I am calling this one code 912

912 means after

After the 11th.

We will never forget…

But we must acknowledge now, we ARE FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Free from FEAR!!!!!


If my followers do not speed-load and FWD this, I may just have to suicide-bomb my BLOG. (My blog, understand, all you nuts out there. Nod. Uh huh. Okay Andy.)

   I will END hahaha MY BLOG,
IF SOMEONE does NOT REPOST THIS POST 5 Trillion times.


No disrespect to the president, Barrack. He has had two jobs always- to be black in America… plus whatever he jobs at.

He is officially more smoking than Putin is Jet-puff marshmallowing kung fu, receiving publicly young lady calenders. Insecure. You van shoot me Putin for saying that. I dare ya.

   Okay. Right. Ripe.

   USA is ready to DECADE it.
On & on & on…

   What mysterious world story lay in the future? For one, 2016 is an empty seat. I am available to jiggle wag the dog for a party from my blog tourettes a’firing… letsee…

$1500oo/ post

DNC? Wanna get ready?

Trickle down to first forwarding bloggers who fwd my pro-DNC posts.



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