Even A Femi-Nazi Lesbian’s Philosophy Is To Be A Man

   Woman: Philosophy of Man
   Man: Philosophy to be The.


Feminazi- dress as males, men and dominant power, shun recessive POWER.

Recessive power dead, dying, low.


Find and compare face of-

1) Finnish gramma (Nana),
2) SF female CEO lesbian age
        55+ (seriously)
3) Iowa farmer wife, age 60


Being dominant & recessive in soceity is not gay.

Dominance is not male. Look at the stupid Lion King lazy ass. He is polyamorous & females hunt for him.

Yet did that lion earn that?
Is he that?
Is she that?
World standard is not
      original supernatural

Any woman is a woman.

Iron to iron.

I reserve the right to reject a persona. Even a person. But not a sex. Not a gender. Or we die from insanity in the brainitude.

“Do not judge” goes with “lest ye be judged.”

So judge. What is wrong?
Point out stuff. Yet it feel good to shut up and just drink a water.

Drinking water is not against any religion or creed except Deathilism.
“Sorry- you bench warmers to eternal life!!”

A daisy by any other name is still a Duke.

A posie by any other name…
is still a poser.

A lily by any other name, is just in the field.

A daffodil by any other name..
is just a dill.

A tulip by any other name is just… a kiss.

A dandelion by any other name… is a gay lion.

A bird of paradise by any other name… is just the bird.

A Cornish game hen by…….



| A | 2014


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