Animal Patterns

   And the geese that just flew away. Now I’m looking at a woman putting her black 3mo old kitty cat in the car… …she is showing midriff, wearing black tights and has a mane of whitened black blonde gold hair.

     Animal patterns. Beware?

    I just heard a dog bark. What is this a circus?
Parking lot to right aid.
Dumb dangerous cars make as much noise as a bison.

    Well… since computers have emerged, I feel so much more conscious that animals have input then output signals. We had 5 species + of duck at our pond. Maybe all the human multicultural movement compelled them to meet… and krap crayola-variant hues of poos in the parking lot.

      The silver South American ducks up here- that is odd. Gave me an excuse to observe them. Larry the neighbor said the SA ducks carry diseases the other ducks do not need. I know geneticly people carry diseases too.

    So that is a consideration in intermarriage. What??? Sure. In any marriage too. Touché, multiculturalists preachers of the 1990s. We CAN make each other sick.


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