Why Is There Christmas?

    Great question. So Protestants and Muslims
and Catholics
           can exchange gifts with themselves together.

   Holy cow! Anybody can celebrate Christmas. Its so stupid as a holiday can get.

I know its Summer, but we should all prepare to lose money… and hurt one another emotionally.

Robin… it is too early to reincarnate and this is a cell phone. Somehow its one that reaches out all around and find neat-o things.

   I am not a normal celebrity. I AM NOT a celebrity. I’m a virtubot hunting young minds for meal.

If I am a celebrity its as a BLOGGER its artificially and its end of the line
as Century Man was a robot wishing to be human.
I really wish,
as a distant star, me, hi! I have a little Robinite in me by Osmosis today,
I wish the best for Robin William’s wife and family.

     I wish I could convey how I sift in information and my heart… that time, talent, man and God who is love…
I’m unable to write.
You’ll be in my prayers,
Seriously, apart from characters in my heart
I feel for you

(I say apple of my eye)
And “Apple”,

one writer,

Andy Harrison



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