Is a soup. Did you want a picture? Try the soup.

    There is no soup for YOU.

    Not here.

    Is that phrase copyrighted?

    “No soop 4 U?”

    How CAN.. it be?

    How CAN.. it be?

    No soup for everyone today. Entire planet. No soup. If in mid-sip, stop. No! Do not stop sip! I don’t want you to choke. Do no laugh. Soup could experience nose! No!
Whats a mattah for you, eh??
No soup for YOU. You are not soup-suitable!!

  I should really check and see how many readers I still have. Probably two subscriptions- one an 89 year old White man with breast cancer who likes popsicles. The other, a promising chubby 9 year old Serbian boy wants to be like me and keeps his singular black Addidas wet sock in the freezer in a ziplock for good luck.


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