Please Listen

   I have a god to “give, O lord, I am in disconnect” … to.

   I have a doctor if my throat tight as all-hell from HAE trachael closure.

   What I ought to say I fear lacking is a best-est friend. My wife has been.


    Due to internet, illness of BOTH of us and abjecy social closed loophoops and monetary poverty AND giving-up feelings… I realise what is important in life.




    If I am truly feel free, why am I not “freeing” myself?

    Crying, is the pain worse? Better?

     Do I hold a grudge with the sun goes down?


Well maybe. I am about to go to store at 2:15am… not for beer or “philantropying”…

Maybe to TALK…

Or for company to talk, lads.

?  ?  ? 

Babies do not just have illnesses that require love. And I won’t call “Momma.”


I feel lonely hearted.
Bad time.

I am sick.
Need cough drop… Ludens, Ricola, Fisermans Friend.
Who befriends ME?


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