If Your Spouse Is Afraid Of Death

    Don’t let them be your caregiver.


      You will be their virtual medical cadaver, living dead dying. I am not EVEN in hospice. I strive for pallative care. Acetamenophen to the max. Depression with poetry breaks.


This is my friend.
And she befriends the chaos not new to me…


    That is actually not so bad. Its all the shift from yelling to being shut out to still being the man and PLAN something. Also, I am 5 years younger… so I get an array of sheep female friends who have acted anywhere between “baby sitter has alcohol, come over” to, “you suck as a husband”.

   Yesterday I had a blood infusion. It was demanded I drive another friend home. I got criticised by you’d guess who. I could not effing concentrate. Earlier in the day I yelled. So I asked the friend what she thought. One argument against polygamy is my secret joy forever. Oh I wouldn’t dream of taking away YOUR lesson. I am mono gamey. Just say no to 2+!




     If you don’t recognize it, don’t look, don’t touch. NOT the above photo… ANYTHING in life. I scanned the photo closely because its powerful imagery and I did not want any stray boo-yanuh or buh-jaynay-utt floatin’ there. Its all blurred past the hand. What is? The 3 pillars of SEX. No.

     So if your wife hollers at you… if you raise voice it is yelling and her pitch is moot.
That is the story. Who was the first human to TALK back when the devil spoke?? And Jesus went to the high suicide point. A building top. Jump? The devil spoke. Remember- he was just starting to “date” all of us that he wants to secure. Devil wanted him dead at PROM.

       He died and cried out.
The crucifixtion is like love. Some say it is. I say, “adjacent” like a sword to swordsman. A slaying is glorious as swordsman- but truly MORE as one slain for clean cause. A sword goes to scabbard; a man lay with wife in life and until death.

       A thin and fat lip of mouth shut and words are no more. Hands fold, feet match and eyes close.

       And now sleep sounds good…





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