God Divoced Israel; He Remarried. Purple Unicorn 37 Situation

      I don’t want to know
what divorce is like. Only love.
I am a man. Male.

      To want is in essense an
“Electronicly Female” attitude.
I would be an electric person, physically male, count of (1) cowboys. An ionic being in the side of the horseman 2014 GPS-PDXOR,USA,EARTH
How do I categorize my moment now before I hug my wife?

Seems like an eternity
After an emotion knife
Here I am.

And to There I go.
To hug my wife now.

Ohhh. It will be okay.
I am nervous. Like a first kiss.
I just want to communicage
“Its okay…”

It IS a big deal.
To ME.
I need this…
Wish me luck and happiness.
Life is a bowl of whatnot.

= ° D           smile 2.0

|a| 2014


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