Disconnect Past Loves As Lost

     … to open, man, your heart and mind to now and today.

         Was she pretty? Awwww. How cute and nice.
Would you like all your friends to have been the old boyfriends of your wife?

        God knows, he does! How important it is that life be special… so he gives biology and a story to Earth. No trees on the humungous star Betelguese… if there were… they are ash now.

        Woop pah! Have your own farm, own love, sky above and a whistle and song today. Watch the creek on the land go from left to right, washing away and away. Take a drink there. Stay. Why not. Heck, stay.

     This land is my land…
     It is not your land…
     Unless its the countryside.
     Then that is EVERYSIDE.

     This Earth was made
     (And big enough
      And green enough)
     For you AND me

     (On seperate land, Joe!
      Or don’t you
           ever go to your
      Shotgun is my mouth.)

      On the porch:

      “Get away, fox, from my

      Warning shot.


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