Gone… With The Wind Horse. A Coffee Place


W i n d h o r s e C a f e

I’m the Syntaxsinner. I need coffee to sin faster. By talking, not writing. Just kidding. But the place is inviting. I was at the Wind Horse cafe. It is in Milwaukie, OR 97222. They sport a framed picture of two native American girls smiling. ASK them yourself why that is unusual. Well, I’ll tell ya- Native superstition says the soul is CAPTURED in a photo.


I think photos capture US. What about REAL living? Speaking of, I saw a very pretty native girl walk RIGHT BY as I sat outside today. She had the same soul as the girls in the picture on horses in the coffee house. I would recommend coming to this spirited, calm, side road wind horse… if you want to put DOWN the tomohawk and fill up with java. If you are in downtown Milwaukie, OR.


-Andy, Syntaxsinner
Nominated for #1 blog 2014


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