In the year 8090, the Madalaks, flying goosemen Wert, a 240lb genetic hybrid 8.0 generation surveryed an Omega lab run by humans. Average age for humans was
1,290 years. Lop, a boyish 209 year old male sat with Wert and talked.

       “Today,” said Lop, “I vowed off drynko for good.”

      “Yeah, right”, said Wert, quacking a little.

      “Also,” said Lop, “I have decided to follow J-who.”

      “Good idea,” said Lop. I mean he’s with us now more that ever.”

     “You going to the cube?”

“Yes”, said Lop. But I can come and go. You?

Wert, “I need more info”

||| ||| ||| ||| ||| ||| ||| ||| |||


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