First Blog Radio For The Hard Of Deaf

     WE DOT COM!!

     I am aiming for all of you
     So if I can stamp your hand
     With sixes,
     Everything wi be wickedly

      Yes, laugh.
      Darn you!

      Time to take you to the fires.
            What did you say?
Not read?
                     Not dead?
You look dead you
     Son of a tank mom commander!

     My momma called.
I felt so missing
      a good conversation.

She was mad I called. Why leave the phone on then? You called me first for westher directions.

     My god I am taliking to the mom about weather. I must be as awesome as an elevator monkey. I flung poo after dinner. 24 yr old! Geez. My bad. I refused to masturbate. It was a sin dad said. So I played with my butt.

I remember seeing the list
   When I was a kid:

Dad change litter box
Dad and mom kill cat
    (First time with car did not work)
Dad excercise naked. Woulda put a hat on DOOBIE but they don’t knit that SMALLLLL
Student must be perfect or put with son #4, #5, #6 under the deck. I thought those was chicken.

     My cat! He’s made out of peeeople…. people…

Press one on your phone if you want the DJ
AVID DANDY to wake or…
      do a stupid thing and not
        care.. I forget.

|Charmer| [5¢] x (fast dogs= $)



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