Rim Rom

     A mirror in the Rim Rom world moved sideways in our time briefly. In Rim Rom time, eternally. In Rim Rom, angels called Sarupha and Teribuh and Tcharuba are. Some are ever-lasting. Yet the transformitors were not all all-wise. Some wers all- evil.



     In the dream world, my child dreamt of these electric morbid super tough colourful ghosts. They tried one night to take him. Instead, I found my human boy’s electric signal altered. Forever? For lifd? He suffers from dreams of these demons.


     Cartoons like Go-Brats and Cyclo-head and Trans-doobers give him nightmares. They disturb me! Because Hollywood knows or is being used to brainwash our children to take our Children into the abyss of Rim Rom. And they do!


    My wife and I call. No one cares. I will rally up an Army for the greatest war you will NEVER see coming. The trans-doobers are more than can be simply allowed to MEET and TOUCH the apple of your eye.


      Fry, you parasites! We will take your energy and use it and live forever. You? You will die for your cruelty that makes a war torture camp look like a picnic.


           Eternal angels of
          Necrom have been   
    delivering bad dreams to
          our daylight world
              for decades,

     You Transdoobers will die.


         One at a time and we
          hope finally. We will
           NOT curse at even
            you. This will take
                God. You hate
    Parents. God is THE parent
       He is Olphamax and

    No one has seen him or     
     touched him and lived.

     Prepare, humans… to see
   an end to all. And, sleep
cozy tight. Keep your weapon
    on the wall…….


            You won’t be able
               to use steel
              on Phoantium.
     You need your soft heart
              and tough love
                     to win.

|A| ©2014


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