… Joseph, son of Jacob, son of Abraham, father of Ishmael from whom come the Arabic people.

     Is God too slow for you all? Does he not show fairness eventually? His people to be heralds were Hebrew. Zaphanathpaneah was Hebrew. The Ishmaelites have wandered, you could say… not for 40 years… but for 4000.

     And yet each life is cared for. The creator is fair.

    But what if, to display to the world that Ishmael is legitamite as his sons, God counts them as sons of Abraham and even though Abraham sent Ishmael away it wasn’t forever. And what if today the sign of moon (in Joseph’s dream, moon means mother), he made a big sign where the people are to look up. Away from Kaaba. Up to sky. Like to the tower, Royal Makkah Tower. But above higher.

    To the soldier-mother prophetic healing saviour, Isa Il Masaih.

   I suggested this meaning and was shut down before. But the symbol of moon is an old one. As old as the ancient of days almost.

    I feel conflicted to say what may disappoint 2 billion people, but there is hope. I hate to disappoint all of you who thought you MIGHT see heaven and not hell. Isa is a Ishmaelite… he gave all for humanity.

    Maybe it is safe to preach this from my computer. I don’t think so. And my life isn’t the best. So I am saying, “America does not need to be racist. Not against Mexicans. Arabs. Nor… against ourselves as “whites” if you are Caucasian as I am. I am actually a peachy tan color. Many of my friends are caramel, chocolate, etcetera.

   I wish suffering would die like a star in the sky and never return.


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