So just in case an OSS officer of linguistic/ listener was listening/ watching, I found a way to state my use of Facebook which I consider a waste of time.

     I typed in my SS#, my business talking in a war zone via FB and pretty much my view that I think the Taliban sucks. I do not think they are beyond redemption. Lets just say one could say to them:

      Jesus loves you but everyone else thinks you are an asshole.

     They are tough enough to scare children pretty bad. Its a toss up whether a child molester is worse. In rehab settings and as a victim myself, I have stared into the eyes of molesters 40 and over. They were to self absorbed to kill. I thinking killing is worse. Its an instant 100% molestation of every body part and it better be ignorant or their is full hell to pay.

    This is why for 2,5 years I have messaged my buddy. He had the cross of christ put on him and he accepts what was happening, enduring without retribution. He was Sunni and I think that is cool. I wanted him to walk with me and he has.

      It has been torment to me but I am not used to donuts and slapstick. Ive grown accustomed to sorrow. Shakeel can tell me whatever, and I still sense the wonder of his reality, bravery… even if it seems it won’t end.

    Hes no Talibaner. He is Afridi. I am one if the few Afridi-appointed liasons to the US. They are a tribe nation small. I take pride in my brothers’ love. With my illness, each day must count. If ever too heavy, I realize Jesus, prince of peace and gatherer of broken pieces is with me. I fear no interogation, knife, blade, bomb, loss… he his with me. And those things I do not fear I do not fear in my Afridi people. They have to feel it.

    So I carry with me the dead weight of death concern, but Im okay. Im not super helpful. My lord is who will reign Jamrud. My lord is Isa Il-masaih, aka Jesus Christ. He will occupy eventually. Forever.

I am-

Andrew Hihs Adoptidsun
Afridi Tribe man
10554 SE Guess St.
American City, USA 99999-9999
911 100 0000

Area code stands for never forget. You could say I am Palin’s brother. Maybe a bit religulous. But all American?

That address and phone is only for the bad guys to come and find me if they figure out and decode. I would lead you in social responsibility to turn yourself in for your war crimes and repent. My wife’s permanant address is miles away. You can’t have her. But the challenge would be to come for me and the cause I stand for.


My sword is slighty less sharp than my blog. Or maybe I don’t know how to mince. There’s just one way to find out. I do hate weapons, but some folks who hurt children- I do not care what race the kiddos are, if you wanted them gone, I would like to send you to your eternal home first. I am a sensitive guy. But I have a feeling some people are so awful they will eventually be roadkill. The was Tali sets up bodies roadside reeks of Ancient Rome.

   May God help them to resolve the angry things, even if only a few people are taken from the dark to the light. Sun Tsu said, “Better to have a surrender than a death.” Wise Sun Tsu… thank you for inventing the kill-ometer… how and when to kill. I take it as a division of noble scripture.

|z| 2014


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