Still here, I think.

I wonder where they fly to? Probably Palm Springs in Winter?


You punks! Well at least Oregon is where they spend warm months. Oh… how I do like the ducks. Not U of O. Just… ducks.


Is This Blog Being Followed?

    I hope so. I have something you may not know. Its probably been said just like THIS in an era long ago.

     So I have invented a mode of “meta-eros” overlording. Sexual addiction- if it makes you feel uneasy you are overly aware and failing in your christian or otherwise morality there is good stuff here for you.

   You may not be a monk, but if so, this may broaden your stature on a path made more normal. If it matters to you that you feel at times, even in your own private knowledge of yourself and what is normal or better for yourself.

  This is aimed at males only. I would not assume to help everybody and a man who conducts his own self is what I’d be targeting. Not females. To me, that would be odd.

Better sense of the individuality

In our culture’s media, sexuality is relative. It is really anything but that. Mixed emotions and feelings arise within upon even viewing a Carl’s Jr. commercial where a skimpy clothed “bold” woman tears into a burger in a bikini.
They want business.

     It is invasive to broadcast things that ride a fine line. Subconsciously it is closer to an ad for the local strip joint. The women their could be your daughter’s age. That does not make that female related to you. But if she WERE somehow, how are we to react if we have avowed ourselves to a higher purpose?

      I feel a tug to imagery. I would say if you can, within your inner vow’s parameters, stay true to seeing very little of women online and showing attention to many ACTUAL women, its better. It is better like day light is healthier than LED light replicating a female Probably, mostly blindly, the internet women who ONCE WAS REAL but no longer is alive as depicted has no idea how her internet presentation of her quasisexuality will echo.

    I could go on to cross-referrence of how neuropathy between the errogenous and plain coorelate. Also, subconscious identification with the exotic media with erotic overtones may not make any sense. The world would have to slow down I suppose. To examine one’s own healthiest interests, even comparing to Mosaic law with with what is normal in existance.

    I feel pressure. I don’t really enjoy writing this. I have had pain in my life that is an ER “10” last for days. In my MIND and just in my mind “googling” waits. What happened to old fashion ogling? Women do not like that.

      But trust me when I say, only to those of you who want “better” or “christ like” virtue, the path does wait for failure. It is also paved for success by walking THRU and BEYOND failure to keep your mind for what it was made for. You could ask what my path WAS. Trust me when I say that looking forward to the appreciation of “mental photos taken” of actual women (throwing to the curb anything I ever broke my own code to see, even in person) this activity is better.

     So will I dive right on in and feel good about real people and Summer!  Even good looking ones. Is that a total win? Its still complex.


“The eye never has its fill of seeing. Nor the ear of hearing… the heart is deceptive.”

     Solomon says further, “Follow your heart… knowing that you will be judged.” He says that also. And also, “Cast anxiety far from you.”

    I am affected differently now that I am older. It seems that there are traps for people to fall into and be unhappy. I would not be interested much in what is right if there is no “sane” or “happy” or promise of happiness if one makes wise choices. The alternative to wisdom is to be frustrated.

    Wisdom itself is painful. So THIS all occurred to me, one who probably doesn’t do enough to dialog with others in a forum of commonality under God via faith in Jesus. You may be led by God’s spirit and you know its SOMETHING like that… rather than tell you my exhaustive version of right and wrong and having lived thru snares, grief etCETERA… I will make one concession:

     “Try to get to know your city’s women in the day time. Show maturity and phileo and storge (Greek) love types. At the same time count it as leverage against pornographies that you would be ashamed to be a “partaker” of.”

    Leverage is a weapon in this case against anything that would level your conscience. Meditate on the redemption work of Jesus, or- simply do NOT talk down about him and honor scripture about him. There is no law against charity, a happy heart… and all Galations 5:22, 23 says.

     I am sad as I write for other reasons that I cannot succinctly identify. I am hurting physically right this second. So I hear in my thought, “perfect! I feel down. Maybe I can get under 14 of you and launch you.” Let me know if real vs. photo doesn’t make SENSE. Damn. It sure does make sense to me as I put along. I am not a religious goob. Just a goob who would like to see others saved from hurt they cause themself.

    Also… tip your barista. There is no law against that and God has not destroyed the world. It is going along. Do you have, what?- 10 more years? 70 more? Give in to the Righteous One. I use the internet to be creative. I hope I represent the ancient Deity well so as not to make Jesus look stupid. And as moral as you may see him, he was wacky… in a way. He knocked shit over, got killed terribly. If he did not resurrect… I AM A TOTAL wash-up. But he did. And he washed me up. So, yeah. Alright. Super.

Have a groovy evening.

Robin Will-yams


Whats pink and green and goes on toast? Earthquake! I said to my mother hello DAD and she slapped me. I fell backwards into a mudpuddle. We lived outside. My mom was a squirrel. She wasnt nuts. Dad was. He built a tree house. I’ll never forgive him. He made me sleep in the basement. I once found an apple. Behind a horse. Fuji!- you pervert! No youre not a pervert. Your an introvert. You keep you dirty secrets inside. Omigod. I sound like a rapper doing Robin Williams. I believe I can fly. On Coke. I did so much coke it broke Michael Jackson’s nose. Don’t pick on Michael? Oh c’mon. We’d be friends if he got high. But he went low, died, then he got high. In heaven. Or hell. Or Ramaddan. Or Peter Pan. What? That was next. Boring…

Peter Pan peanut butter… who eats Peter Pan’s famous peanut butter? Who put Peter Pan in charge? Peter PIPER the picker of pickle pecks? If Peter piper picked Peter Pan, maybe both Peters are the same man…. omigod. Don’t pick apart your sanwich just yet… Tinker Bell need to add some fairy dust. Oh! Now your sandwich is floating away….

….its going out the window. Stop! Too late. (In mid air you see Michael Jackson’s ghost. He says, “Hiiii…… you’re so stupid….”

    You fall to your death and then rise. Then you get back up to Michael. Michael the Archangel. He’s standing holding a tween-world truely magical Michael epiphany puppet. Michael says, “Are you ready?” And hopefully you are, because there’s a great big sign saying THIS IS IT. And everything is king BLUE SAPPHIRE and beautiful. But that’s MY heaven. I’m just a writer. I see heaven as my favorite color. I’m just dyin’ to get there. Oh yeah. Heaven is so great some people say…

…what if there isn’t one? Have sex!!! Lots!!! Oh shit, then you made 5 more people asking the same question! No!!! You brought 5, 6, 11 more people into the world to possibly face God’s judgment. Well you better be a pretty good parent if you are going to add to the world and bonk and probably you should not listen to me. I don’t have kids.

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“Be slow to speak, slow to be angry.”

James said, “No one can tame the tongue… it is a restless evil set on fire by hell”.

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