If I find my way one day
After trying to break up a giraffe fight on a cruiseship going to Iceland (what a guy)
And I am knocked overboard
With a whistle…

“Jack!! Jack!!”

Well I suppose my conscious
self would go.

(Mystery….. what happens?)

I’ll tell ya how I’d like it

I’d run around in a suit that tells me the time and date, Boba Fett style.

I’d have a buffet in the afterlife where animals I’ve eaten serve me portions of their own replicated flesh. And I’d sit down by a big bon fire with a pet talking lion who is eating zebra with me.

Drinks, games, music…

   Then a Tiger comes in and says, “Hey Mufasa… Andy is my best friend. I drink the water of life from a wooden cup, continually high. And that’s just the foyer…


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