Inasmuchas explaining plain things in English is fun (perhaps for Albert your son), Ingalls, I’ll sum up your tab. But first let’s talk about rehab and a slab of a bed junkies dred they must lie on in between… rehab in the Wild West?

     That episode where Albert did morphine as a service announcement in the nineteen-eighties? Hey! I watched that botched episode of Albert’s addictive episode gee WHIZ did that make my gramma sick you sons of Binaca.

     Albert was blowing hunks, chunks, chew bricks- after his fix being the assistant to the goodly doctor who did not lock the lock on the morphine dust chalk nor guard with a Glock 9 the arsnic or anything. The man was a hippie. Yippie skippy.

   I remember another episode of little house where Charles was in charge and kicked a gun away from his pal who oddly enough looked Lebanese. It would not suprise me if schwarma and karma won the old West, and now I’ve put your bumpy lumpy read feeding skills to the best Western test. How do you feel?

I am ready to do verbal ninjitsu at will.




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