He recollects the story:

Suddenly little Marnie
Was ill with something
In her brain gone wrong

This is sad so I changed
All the names, made it
Into a pleasurable song

Little lamb I knew you
For only like a day
Your conscious self
Drifted away

I saw your shepherd by
Your side. And he was
married to you

Little Marnie what do
We do… you are not here

I saw the forest say your
name while Emmanuel
Held you oh so high

I saw the sunlight and the
Fan’s wind- it played your hair
I never say die

I prayed a strong prayer
Sensing you were going
“Have her open her eyes”
For him

And she did…

Oh ohhh oh the season of fall in her spirit hit
In the Summertime

And the in the true bluest Winter of her being she was
Released to be free

When we, when we will awake
I guess that she will say
Something to me. I don’t know

Its still hard as hell, it hurts and pulls to see life go

To be young and alive and friends appear to unrevive
Faith has a special place

Its a saving grace

Who cares for us, my wife and
Me as we continue down
Uncharted water

Processes slaughter and it can be too much

All I can say is enjoy the time
Those who’ve passed would say it

Have peace…
Rely… on… these…

Round and round the Earth will go. Show people you love them. Never short-change a graceful act to any

Remember all the best of Marnie. Or just let go altogether now

Fly though the day
Don’t miss a beat

La la
La la
La lala lala

La la
La la
La lala lala

Lie against me… weigh me down
Please lie against my
Deceiving heart

My heart has said
Its over
Wishing on a seven-fold clover
Of spirit in my form

I won’t be afraid
I’ll never be the same…… 

And this is how things are

La la lala la
La la lala la
Lie against my heart
Mercy true

La laaaa
La laaaa
La laaaa

Life remains hear
Descending from a breaking waterfall

I can hear a song
Life here don’t last song
In my heart
In my heart
You make me rich again

Oh ohhh ohhh
Guiding me each day
The magic of the forest
And the sun
Promises written on costly wood-bound books

Follow me
Thru… the night
Show me…
Things will… be alright
Help me… to almost see what
Can’t… be… seen…
In you

Z-17 dropping cotton candy flavored napalm on brains all around since 2013


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