Who was the greatest rock and roller & blues-traveller ever?

(I don’t know. Who?)


He moved the rock
And it rolls my blues away.
He sat on top?
That’ a-okay.

Not so funny

What are Jesus’s greatest hits?

(I do not know. Which are his greatest hits.)

Its hard to say.
He was all alone with an audience of a few men.
They hit him in the face.


They told him to use his power to SAY who hit him. It must have been a fast strike.
Before all this for many hours he had been anticipating he was going to die. For hiurs he was made to stand. Actually, that day, the first HIT came from the high priesthood of then-modern-day Judaism.

     After this he was taken to an open place. The “son of man” as he was called, was beaten. He was also whipped with a whip that is not readily in circulation because, due to Christian ethics, people are just that more ashamed to be sick and laugh and arbitrarily punish. We may say the Old Testament God was tough. The world, even though we are just as much sinners as the old world, was more terrifying. Those of you who believe in evolution, there the heck you are. As a world, we were bad. We are guilty by association. Do you love Egyptian and Meso-Potamian art? It is great stuff. They were losers. Slave-owners. So were some of your Caucasian great great grandslavers. Do I blame YOU for that? No. Are we all joyfully “connected” as is the popular worldview? Uh huh. Yep. Connected by darkness.



Boo! Boo! We don’t want to hear that.


Hey, hey. Hey hey hey.

I wasn’t done.


“English lady-lass”

I got up early. Today.
I got a milk.
In my eyes I will say, I have examined my life. I can tell you that easily I could beat you in many categories of having a “sinful, ungrateful, woeful, dark, satanic, unyielding, selfish, stupid and ugly heart.”


But because I read and pondered just ONE little biblio verse… well, others too (John 3:16, 5:24, 10 and the end of John, Genesis, Revelation, Matthew, Mark, Luke, J- no I got John, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Hebrews, hey Jude…) I became informed. That one little verse says:

“Jesus became sin IN sinful man.”


In John 10, he states,

“And if I go, I will send you another comforter.”


So if this read is heavy, take your favorite blankey, get a tea and learn with me. I am 40. I have no post high school education and you do not care?

I have been kinda unfairly afflicted. The stations of the Cross reading to me feel like drinking a half pint of smooth cool GUINESS. You’d think maybe this lord Jesus is anti war… totally. And he called Scotsman to prune English rouges and run fields crimson by the power of his love.

    They may have been to busy feeling raw from yesterday’s kill after glorious kill. There in that lies a profound mystery. Take it. Its this:

“England 800 years ago was a big LASS who inappropriately flirted disaster with Scotland and was fed blood.


Metaphysically, I will affirm that now- England is new. This is true and due to her lover, Greenfields Highland, a handsome nation that saved her in her glorious youth.

In string theory, it proves true that this consummation resulted in peace and is therefore akin to “desperate catch” a term I use to overlook the murder and rape of man- it IS still judged.


   But I want to tell you that the next king crowned of England wears the jeweled ring on his head as the Lass England renews her marriage vow, including the complicated care of all the land to be equally free in a ne plus ultra matrimonium fire.


And I dub thee, already my U.K. mother of USA America:

“The New English Empire”


I like Earl Grey, steeped. With sugar and cream, a breakfast of (we say) English muffins, crisp bacon and O.J.


I ran this idear by a Scottish Facebook page. He said,

“Ay, what pish is this?”

I replied (although sober) oh hey my man. Maybe I had a pint might much. Nevertheless, “TO SCOTLAND”


He/ she: “lol. Okay.”

Well… its hard to be American. But I examine and sometimes see, here and there, that the good lord did not suffer for naught. He gives life to Iur mortal form. I am sure Rowan of Canturbury now could affirm in the Anglican tradition that having a relationship to the mighty lord is easy… and makes simple men mature, complex and maybe handsome! At least handsome like a beater Bentley with 400,000 miles. I feel like a lucky strike 1974 Toyota stick shift pickup driving really careful.


Life is moving fast!
Be sure to take… a boo.
At stuff, or w/e idk…

Z-17 |||||| |||||| ||||| don’t hang out in the bomb bay. Dr. Strangeloving ended that wayyy


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