Critical Medical Advice


If you have a painful condition that is serious and co-morbid (you have two or more dxes), or you HAVE an ill family member in the great state of America please listen to this at least once.

Pain relief policy in the U.S.A.

When you have insurance, or not, and see a g.p., (regular family doctor) they take NOTES on you. Many notes. An M.D. to my knoedge, is exempt from libel, break HIPAA law (confidentiality) and the same is true with RNs.

    I have been nice to medical staff. I recommend getting to know your GP and RNs and establishing a façade repoire.

Number one: establish your personality

Discover your MDs interests and talk, talk, talk… because that is all you have to fall back on.

Now in the USA, the new drive is “no pain killers for any reason”. You must accept this. I got pulled into debate and switched to a defensive reactionary self. You may think the Scientologist religion is wacky.

Scientologists preach/ teach that mankind’s #1 flaw is to react and not act.

Believe it or not, I learned that FOR FREE. Its kinda really true. My MD, Dr. Lichtensteinbosshoffer (not real name) pulled me aside one day. In fact, he had me go to a broom closet converted into an exam room. Then joining him he tried to force me, moving closer in, to take a psych med called Effexor.

    In my medical history, my bipolar is no secret. Is is a “mask-diagnosis” (dx) for PTSD. I was, in my teens, confined to a small space. Also, my father made me take Effexor. He was a g.p. At that point, I was maxxed out for triggers.

Here is what my reaction was. It was not morally wrong but had dire consequences…

   I got up quickly… brushed by the doctors because I was in a mode. In the hall, I called them stupid. Yet they did not grab me.

    I felt:

a bad memory
my stomach hurt
I felt indignity
I cannot afford to regret my
      move because you get
      one move per second.
      There is no alternate

Except to tell all of you…

Do not do what I did.

    If you have a reactive problem because of anxiety, identify your phobias. I could have said I feared the tiny room. “Patient claustophobic”. I could have told a white lie and said, “I am going to puke, I’m sorry” and dash. Then sit in the restroim for “regain time”. PTSD needn’t be anyone’s master, nor known memories of ugly trauma. Simply, in every moment, acknowledge you are human and capable to catch up a little.


    So my anxiety is not just from the past. My present is tumultuous. I am in debt from driving around a sick family member for over a year who is GONE. Is it a loss? I am gladly in debt to have done honorable work, albeit largely unpaid, though it should have been.

    When my MIL died, then, my FIL was sick. We got to his house one day and he was having a heart attack right then. My wife saved her mom’s life 2x and her dad I saved once, but I credit the lord. Without him I would not be the firecracker I am. Calling 911. Yes, 10540… breathing… chest pain, absolutely. I go numb.

    Now I do not see my FIL because his caring person took over everything which is fine by me because he puts me down a lot. I love him though. He’s a real tough son of a nice mom.

Problemos still?

  Oh, because of non stop harassing calls, financial stress… I was sick. I had some fancy Beowulf drink called Mead. It contraindicated my medicine. A policeman got me to the hospital as I was in my parked car, out. Like, in the middle lane to turn. I had the mead before driving. My tolerance is not what it once was.

     It was the equal of 2 glasses of wine. Plus dextromethorphan. I had a cinversation long ago about that one, aka DM. I feel conflicted. I now know that dm cannot mix with alcohol. Now I am talking behavioral health. You see, I am blacklisted from being prescribed pain medicine in part to an RN who exceeded ethics and told my MD bunches.

     Nice. Thanks. I like a challenge. My record says I am an alcoholic borderline personality. To boot, she had the other RN in my home videoing me. I know because he asked over and over about pot and that his wife smokes it. And his phone camera EYE was showing.

     So I looked right into the camera and said, with a smile, no… pot is not… for me. When he reviews it, or did, I’m sure he’ll catch my “Gonna beat you” smile. The jerk. He was 54… and in my home. So those nurses are gone. Praise the maker. Are people bored?

     If I do get my hands on some marijuana, I WILL huff it. My wife deserves a calm home. First off, I need less pain. I was seriously debating suicide ethics and the leadership of God. I bought CO tubing and asked God if he wanted me home, I think its nuts ti go now and he’s nuts to let me go on to buy a rope but an hour later I took it out of the trunk.

    If that sounds evil, please see it with sobreity. Those points I reached (I forgot that I went to buy a pistol for my 40th) were merely, dare I say? I dare. God guiding me to buy a dangerous thing and hold it… to hold the idea of escape and the means and prove to me it is not me.

     This is the danger in the mental psychosis that accompamies pain. Even Jesus was near-guided by evil. Take a look in the Bible yourself. Satan spoke to him. The spirit took him to a high vulnerable place. Satan, however, went further and said, “Jump”. Had Jesus jumped, he would have saved no one.

Many people see it like he did not have a choice. He did, though. He chose all good. That is what the Bible says. So I do have void in me. Jesus never did. My buying a tube, looking at a gun, trunking a rope… what sticks out to me is the glistening voice of my father in heaven. I am no Jesus. I am no JFK. Hahaha.

     Well, anyway, I wanted to give the advice to shut your yap with MDs. You can pretty much cuss out the ER docs, but dude- do NOT. They are the coolest. And in conclusion, if you are ever in pain and need OUT and have insurance, don’t do cough syrup… go to emergency. If you are at level 10-19 pain (scale of ten) they can give you diladid or morphine. Hopefully you are not allergic. My wife was and they had to defib. She is so butt-kicking strong. I respect her a lot.

Because this post is about advocacy and medical, I want to dedicate it to my wife of 8 years (we are IN YEAR NINE!) Rosemarie Harrison. She encouraged me to write my children’s book, “Danny and the Snakepit” based on Biblical Daniel… and make my own story more lively as well. I love you Boops.

Z-17 ||| ||| ||| ||| ||| ||| | 19 months until we start our tenth year…


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