Yeah… syntaxsinner made it.
Its called a jack.

A joke that makes you hack…

Here we go:

Q: How do you tell if a vampire bat is good or not?

Huh. I dunno.

A: Put it on meth. The good ones will defecate on the newbown. The bad will just pop ’em in the microwave.

How does THAT add to your day. Simple. Truly, truly… truly fuckin’ say no to diesel-based hermebarbituites. Somebody has to draw a line in the sand before one is on the asphault.

   Hey, I’m not a total ass pipe! I coulda said:

Q: How do you solve global warming?

Gee. What. I don’t know. How.

A: Hack into NORAD and confuse orders with international strikes that wipe out 99% of the world’s people. Leave the one percent at the top to play Survivor. Of course, you know it wouldn’t be watched.

    I’d imagine Bill and Melinda Gates would “win”. They give a shit.

|Z| 2014


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