/\ °

…oh, I dunno.
I just wanted to see
if you pictured someone
getting hurt in a little red
coat and a light blue

     …up and over the concession stands, Olaf  flies.
Stopped by a big…

                by a big…

                by a…

Forget it. I can tell I am losing you. Lazy imagination.

See! See!! You shoulda listened to him.

“Him who?”

Exactly. Get me a beer. Now you’re my little boy. Even if your name is Nancy of Reno, Nevada!- heyyy…


Dear mister Zaphenfeffer… picture- ooo! Nice!
Dear mister Zaphenfeffer,

    I think you are cute so I combined your name with the German word for “pepper”.

    Aw, thanks, “Nancy”. That’s “Nancy” + “Hussy”… spells the same when overlapped. I don’t mind a hussie nudge.


   Billy Forthwhorer, age 7 asks, “What should I be when I grow up?”

Awww… cute. Billy. Never operate a “back-ho”… I just have a gut feeling you will be a supervisor… and… wait… uhhhh… no… its a… you are going to be in a cartel, but you are going to be good at it. Learn Kung Fu now, don’t ever kill anyone, be nice to the ladies and just let all the other guys get taken down.

     In fact, let me give you my Panama City Hotel Gula #- ready? 1-48-232-909-1235. Ask for Rita, tell her you are Papa Paco Patróns 3rd set of kids. We’ll get you a piece. Forget 3rd grade. You are inventory runner material. With a name like Billy… you’ll find a desperate chica wanting citizenship the first day.


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