In all the city was no greater foe in these times than Aliwishus Vulschwartzer. He was
     A vampire.

    What no one could fathom was what got into this little blood-thirsty tea cup chihuahua. Merciless.

   He would walk slowly, soft padded feet, into the bedrooms of virgins. Latching onto their wrist like a bear trap that works really damn good, the virgin invariably would sit up, swing both arms, soil the white nightgown in blood, banging the little vamp-hund against the head board.

     Accusations of adultitude resounded in the hall as the busty 4’7″ nurse rushed to the room. Blood… everywhere. And the girl? She was gone. On a trail of blood ending at the river.

(You may scream in terror now.)

|Z-17| 2014


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