Udo Pudo

In a rainstorm, Udo Pudo walked far
In the path to the place where his junk layeth,
He commanded no attention.
“Tension is dangerous” he’d say, sipping his whisky milk cheap pale Rooskie.

Udo Pudo put his Rolls Royce in the shop. Drove it on in. Put back its top. He said to me:

“Son- you know to not drink and drive.

    Today, I am going to take you to a park I made just for you. I asked you to fast for a doctor appointment. That’s a lie. Sorry!- heh. Here’s a bottle of ol’ J&B. Bottle is green.

Next watcha do is guzzle, guzzle, guzzle that J&B and
I’ll learn ya drunk Tokyo twist- hold the wheel with 8 fingers, you cannot resist.

  And I said, “Ah! Oh! Ah! Oh!”.
Udo Pudo grabbed my arms.

“I can’t do it Uncle Udo!”

That is when he slapped me.
Uncle Udo. He rules!! Yeah!!


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