Its Fascinating

It fascinates me that people see letting go of your body in death as a bad thing. The astonding technology of a body is not even close to one trillion dollars for a body transplant. Ethics take over. Yada… yada… do.

      So about religion, were we suppose to always have hurt? Yes. According to Genesis, the “fall” accelerated this INTO MORBID death it seems.

    So even in “paradise”- hardly!- it was “very good” but not heavenly, we had birth pain, stub your toe, fall out of a tree, play boulder dash by Klingon rules… Abel coulda nailed Cain… and shoulda.

     This world is sub magical. The smile you authenticly carry today will warm you now. So will the beer, your bed buddy or whatevsr else you do I guess as these times are “approved AS IS by the creator. Karma- ignore. As for grace, just say thanks, live well, die stellar.

Tomás Morrrow
Forecaster for the reast of

Z 2014


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