The Survivalist

    Once upon a time,
there lived a boy named Grim.
He was blonde, 4’6″, was racially a mix of Scotch and Finn. (On a side note, unknown to him, his parents were Inuit- both mom & dad had hiked the artic circle. Actually the father was Japanese, having crossed the Alaskan ice bridge- a criminal seeking to avoid dire penalty. He joined Inuit nation, marrying.)

      So the blood of Grim was Japanese and Inuit. She, the mom, was Inuit in that Kiswa’s parents were Mayan and French. Kiro, the dad… his parents were English and Chinese. So no one questioned him, that is until one day he fought with such alien fury… and red could be seen in his beard.

      Grim was born on a ship in the captain’s quarters. The ship was headed for Spain. The baby was raised there. At 6 months old, a French nurse took charge of him. Kiswa died 5 days after labor. Kiro, fearing he was a curse, jumped overboard one night.

He spoke this, and the Asian Maek Ja’al heard him:

What sorrows follow me
Why? I have made this
New life… I have made Grim.

1122 A.D.

Nothing more was heard
A splash in the water
It was black, thick night
In reality, Kiro spotted an
He was recorded drowned
He swam for it with a float he
  had made so none would be
Recorded missing and suspicions arise
He found a place for his son
Though he may die, his heart
would not
Men prioritize so many a thing
They seldom value even their own soul
His life was grim
And so the name…
“Name the baby ‘Grim'”,
a genie lord said in the
night, and, “Hurry, go now
hence take flight. Fasten a float you make. Take water.

The genie mage was a keeper of heaven truth.

“When I jump, leave me and go to my son. Bless his life.
Indwell his soul if you will…”

The genie mage held out his hand. He put heat into Kiro’s body and said, “You will stay majesticly warm unnaturally. Swim. The island’s people have dreamt in a prophecy of you for years. You will be treated as a king. Your sin at Maikudo is forgiven. Serve them all. Your life will be good.

Kiro turned to worship him, so the genie laughed and showed him a blue ball that glowed.

“This is the antidote for pain, fear, suffering and death,” the angel said. “Look.”

“I see a dead man! No!”, said Kiro.

Then the dead man’s face changed to his wife’s, then his son’s.

“How is the death of my loved ones a cure!!??”, cried Kiro.

The genie said, “Oh… not listening??

The genie burned like a sharp butane sword.

“Thus says the worshipful one… I touched the black emptiness forever… this is how all things come together.”

Kiro said, “I am now kai…”, and dove into the ocean.

2014 |z|◇


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