When another person talks to you about there politics or religion, do not dismay. They may say:

“Hey stupid! Moses had 18 wifes and I’m voting for gay marriage and guess what??

s i m p l y    r e p l y :

(Twice as fast…)
“Haste oop Id? Moses Malone and 18 wives… no no no no no no no. No no no no no. Moses. Moses.
Ehhhhh… (stretch it out, stay loud, its YOUR NICKLE, BABY!!) Having more than 12 wives is hell.

You see?
Dance with the maid,
Side, side… grab her side…
No giggle her sister mountain.

End game

When people of perverse lips pull your dignity DOWN… make the THE CLOWN.
They won’t know. They are idiots.

One time I was called out as temp by kind of hokey construction. A man, age 48 procured a very very fine item. I t was called Bloobers and had ♡♡ sweet hearts covering sister sidetracks WOOBEY ‘tween her walkies and melon joys with lil pilot lights atop… also covered by ☆☆ wow! $5.95. What a price. To bad we are at this futher marking job.

      My supervisor gave me super vision and put it right in my face. I closed my eyes like Stevie Wonder. “OH YEAH! YEAH!! YEAH!! YEAH!! YEAH!”, I said. “Hottlie-do.” (Dumb shits, average age 52. I was 33.

      Later things were reported about me. So I reported their grab ass sexual harassment bebavior. To tell you the trurh, its a shame I didn’t slip and die on floor 3. It would go “right boot slip… fall 20 feet… on my back. My wife would have more security.



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