I came in 4 hours ago


Thru these


And I get a Facebooker that says my disease “SHOULD BE HEALED.”

QUE SERA, SERA is what I say. My somatic faith in my muscles is DEATH IS GOD.

No more pithy Genesis!
No more long-haired gay Jesus!
No more insult to the HIGH CREST of the Ash School of thought.
I will die.
I will doeth as I wilt.


Keep it in you.
Perverse Christians desire to see their King bleed over and over… then bleed themselves in hypocrisy. Let them die their fake martyrdom.

I studied Satan to understand him. His motives are like the black schooled Christian, gaining wealth, condemning seraphs… oh do they ever admit they give Adonai attributes of The Lord Of The Maggots?

What Setian ever raped and killed his own? The magi would destroy him. But in fake pure school… Satan thrives.


The pen is mightier than the sword… except for Yukio

☆Mmxiii Andy H.
z-17 producings☆


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