A Hearty Poem, Truthful And Loving

I took the round long file
Running it along the
     chainsaw track blades
One by one. Saw sharpness

I walked of the garage
With the “Scarface” weapon
     of choice
Used on a rat hung in the
    Shower for ez clean.

Did they wrap the man who was screaming, exanguished?
   Who cares, damit?-
it was only fiction.

So I…

    So I put the chainsaw in my truck. There had been a wind storm in 1994.
It ruined things like
never before

    The angels pouring sweat from heaven, pure- and the sweat was cold?- uh… no you all are not ready for metapantheism yet.
Lose your religitude to be free
   Free as an 8 year old in a
  Do you know we can
  I was in the tree amputating the tree arm with under cut
Then forward 2″ for an over-
It that a woman joь? (It ain’t)


The Underwriter Strikes Back
             by Yukio 1970


     Sнisн kaьoь мasтer Andy

                  2   0   1   4



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