☆ Стйв

     The characters of the title say, “Steve”, aka Steve- my oldest brother. I have not seen him for year. I think we actually live 130,864 miles apart, including MountTabor, which is volcanic any day now to purge the earth of mankind.

     If that wasn’t enough, a great Vena Cava river of fish that men ride inside- like Jonah, plors, gushing down the dir and doo. They escape by refaining to poison the metal creature. I got close to a pipe of these slave fish and breathed the CO directly. It was hot. Too hot.

     Well then there is Twisty mt. The meanest mountain ever. If you want to contest  this, please feel to drop a card off… for your grandma. Be nice to grandma. When mommy changed she saw your ding ding. You been plyayed- sucka.


Steve had this orange shirt. Hawaiian. He had a schlopper fish named Ozzy. 9″ long max. He had angel fish and about a 200 gallon tank big enough for a quadruple roomy waterboarding. He had a Pacu fish named “Pacu”. To name Pacu like a breed was fitting. He had Angelina Jolie lips and a fake clown-horn smile.

   He was a doe-doe of light purple aqua-ee-essence.
I call it inner soul shine. One terrific family that I miss is стйв… also transphoeneticized: “Steve”.

     Its amazing how you cannot live with people. It is astounding that a person ever ask, ” Did I hurt someone?” and be ready to find truth in it.
The rest of a person’s life being a perpetual falling out and staying out may very well help them.

     I am ill, but I just want to see my brother. Last time I beat him off the track. He was having a bad day. No, not the race track. In the neighborhood it started as chicken. Suppossedly a dog was in the car. I hit the gas and he said, “Say hello to motherrr okayyy ???”.

    There will be gold days once more. Oppression gets bored with those it does not scare.

!Z! 2014!



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