When You’re Strange…

… noone remember’s Morrison’s name


    So I volunteered policemen my name…

    Andy Haru-san means no harm.. the urban magi sleeps but woke up like never before in my skill set… I gave them my trunken baseball bat, a Louisville, the day preceding cessation of my prescription

    When you could possibly rearrange, samuraii-in-the-now will know your name.

   And my katana… stays at home. Sneak in?

    You don’t wanna.

    My “Ender’s game is random but tight… I KNOW! Let’s all just walk in peace tonight.

     If the door, my door- you KNOCK it- “shave & a haircut” + the correct amount of bits.

2014 when will swords melt into spades? Or do we just rearrange our world in another way?


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