…was captured by the Rirrom priest of Egami who was the Eof Sdrawkcab of the nation Pu-Edam-I. Just about now, Justin Kayce was experiencing the unreality that only could be Rirrom-Aa-Ni.

            Now THAT was in the space of Yrog-Yella, a “Life of Pi” alternative reality if you WILL- that Justin of 1930s New York City was creating. And a young L. Ron Hubbard was talking to Justin.

    Justin told L. Ron:

   “So I see you like Science Fiction…”

    L. Ron gripped his comix book as if Justin was going to take it! No. He was about to CHANGE it, forever.. like Alister Crowley inked out feelings that made Joseph Smith look ordinary (only because they were not contemporary Left fielders.

    Left hand throw, right-hand catch without a glove (on a hand made out glass, rawhide turns into formaldehyde. If you don’t get it, those parts are private… not secret… hard to perceive the value of a profane utterance. In “string-theory”, Syntaxsinner would agree with me.

     Anyway, what all the above is this- Asperger school of thought would say that Justin Kayce is telling a sci-fi writer where to go, but not where to stop. He gives a map in quotes about God which are really about stamping out the wrong images of the right story told in the wrong way.

      So to most, Alister’s quotes were about taking back personal dignity in a holy war and he admits it was unholy. But Crowley did not know that calling it the “black school”, he was doing ME, the author here, a favor.

     He labelled his profanity correctly for posterity as in all likelihood the religious zealot of his day was abusing his brain. THAT sounds PLAIN. Joe Smith did the same thing.

     In reaction to false claims that Jesus was coming back to a field at dusk- and people were CRUSHED, young Joseph Smith of the 19th century kicked back and wrote a Rirrom book mirroring a broken image of the Bible.

      I have suffered to reload my ink pen in an age now where ink is not used. I am sorry to have ever written Syntaxsinner, but for the record- the 1000-post blog of mine is a total piece. Piece of… yeahhh…

     Syntaxsinner.Wordpress.com is a take-out-or-leave-it wastelaaand. It was for myself more than anything. Perhaps so precise at times- that it was absolutely a lead to nowhere for most. Yet I cannot say I’m sorry because, there again- I have unusually strong hearing and memorisation skills… Aspergian allegory interpretive skills… and perhaps a grandiose complex of the study of “hell”.

     I have found studying Canada geese these past few months at the pond here to be heart-breaking. I thought I was a martyr yesterday for a day. But in mercy to the Andy, a great big 7-foot angel came to life in a book I read- I had to laugh as I read the beginning of this book called “Lilith”. Kabbalah-based.

      I am profoundly dyslexic, so I could actually READ it. Slowly. I read the Bible sitting sideways. Always. And so, I… lose my old self. That is a GOOD kind of dying to selfish thoughts & overly ambitious creativity.

     So check out Syntaxsinner’s post called “Lamppost”.

|z| 2014


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