Father Puts His Feelings Aside…

  …in ancient cry:

   eloi, eloi.. lamah- sabbacthani


Most supreme in indignity.


Enter the old warrior
In the days before
flavor in


In those
days, slave-
ships sailed the

Clock stopper

The sun stood still.
PTSD… or the
mind savor-
ing the

Hebraic “pause” button


Aka: “My Loved One”? It IS 4000 years ago… Idk??

Field of bones. Reassembling.

Armageddon means,
“War is hell”… to me.
Who am I? I must
brace myself like a
man. I am mourning
Sandmen in my mind.

Planet Kal-gon? Take
me away from Earth
one day in a field empty
where bombs are only
a figment of my image-
xerox synthesis heinous
bi-polar memory…….


    Do not cry. They live to 100
and MORE. And they still do not die. And now… as my meds kick in… regard ALL MY PREVIOUS STATEMENTS HEREIN… as syntax-compromised and as syntax-sin. Forgiven? No. Unforgive the ink. Slash and burn by editing your minds tonight.

      But of course,
        Father is always “right”.
           Almighty might “makes right”.

The I in He

Maek Jael School Of Thought:

If you only knew how sorry I was to build you, would you see the sanity in the profanity of killing all of you to “save” you? In case you could not, I killed the better me of I and Entered the Ninja Magi Most Low… he had no void in him.
No place for sleep to go. But
You…….. sleep in the boat. I
will have you walking over the
waters in no time. Miracles are everything. Cancelled OUT, you glimmer as deities.

    -King Krallun, god-maker
         and fan of American
              Major League

|Z| 2014 | “Alles Überfikschon und ein Himmelkreiger ist schlect.”? Nein. Vo Ich boen eine kopf, Ich habe Himmel und… yeahhh. I don’t really know German well. Kick me.
Mein arsch. Kick it fast… I’m coming around again. Dang. I am stuck on bold print.

     In case you wonder, the last bit is sacred before the |z|… and more of a profane base… here. Sacred? God displayed as he repents like light to better in the day of Noe. We sons of Ishmael and brothers repent from ashes to hope. That is tart.

   String a boa of an arrow. I speak a Kabbalahese, if you please?


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