Pummelled. Antsy. Immobilized. Nightmarish.

P.A.I.N. welcomes you to its anonymous support group. Just you and it. Oh crud. That’s it.

Then you give it your attention.

You listen.

You cannot wait to leave.

How many steps is the P.A.I.N. group? Twelve?
C’mon, now!
You are supporting your pain.

Yes… YOU are the sponser. NOT the recipient of help.
You must listen to your…


1 step?
1000 steps?
What is the difference?
1 day of pain?
1000 days of pain?
Living day-to-day is different that “1 day at a Time”, now, huh?

Oh, am I talking about A.A., now? No. I am talking about anonymous pain.

[Pain, see Pain-Anon]:

File A:

Andrew Ray Giesbrecht,
DOB 04/10/74

Lab test + for Hypogammaglobunemia in ’81,
Lab test + for both Hereditary Angioedema type I in 2007,
Both diseases reconfirmed in 2013,
A third condition dx in 2009- plantar fibromatosis

First pronounced HAE-attack:

Patient reports:

“I know now that the pain I felt was muscle tearing inside my abdomen, but because of neuropathic physiology… I felt it in my shoulders and it is comparable only to a sulfuric acid burn. I have had one… of those.

    My reaction as a 15 year old was to assume I was near hell by being in it. Hell as from Biblical concept. The description in scripture is sulphuric burn in the book of Revelation.

        Despite what one may interpret the Bibles many pages to mean, I find grounding in that my experience was so mind-blowing that I still learn after 40 years of experience (now I remember “fetal” sized attacks at age 4, speculate my gestation was equally as unpleasant as my existance at age 40, yet I reserve that perhaps a way was made for me to endure fear… and in the respect of “need to fear” all men are formed in an equality.

     I have an existential string-theory that has been a pain in my gut instinct to write. I will document and explain the entire universe of existance, love, evil, hate, crime, economics, language transliteration and “the ethics on teaching ethics to monkey-bait” for $1000/hr. Or free if I know you IRL if I feel like it… I’d even tell you my favorite translation of the Bible. No extra charge.

    But seriously, my favorite question is “who are YOU?”, because I can best see my prison cell in your eyes’ reflection. And when people say, “Know Thyself”, personally I laugh and see a grave like Bill Bixby did on the show Incredible Hulk. I died before I was born, perhaps.

     And yet here I am. Maniacs preaching on a hell that is “spiritual death” are fascinating to me. I could always feel their fear because I overcame it. And you could look and SEE who is talking now. I am dead. Jesus lives inside me.

      How long has it been this way? He has me.”

Abruptly he leaves the medical interview and a doctor writes a “party foul” ticket for being a borderline personality patient. But the RN dude smiles and says,


“I wish everyone had a medical advocate like he has in him.”

boo yahhh… thanks, Sonny


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