Psychology: The Mind In Common Among Mammals And Why Mankind Is Not Called Mammalian

We are possibly a little alienated. That is REALLY general, but I learn from ducks as a velociraptor in slow-mo. They are so hard to kill without a gun or an arrow…

   Yes, I am against hunting right now. For me, all hunting season is terrible. I feel sensitive because of medical issues I have and eating duck or Canada geese would be like cannibalism to my spirit. I watch them and have communicated with them… I think.

     For mankind, that is a huge thing to fit in where you do not belong through compassion. I believe I have God’s compassion at a frog or a duck level. I acheived my association degree with watersnails by googling how to help them with shell deterioration. I put calcium tabs & spinach in their tank after quick isolation from my frogs. I have an issue with any of them dying. I have the ability to control their death a little. If I thought it mattered or thought I was dying myself, I would throw them in with the ducks.

     Not the fish. First the snails. Then frogs. That is the order in which they might make it. I’d rather enjoy them. They don’t seem unhappy. I would not know. I can only surmise.


     People surmise. Animals suprise. There is an order. Pecking order, or Absolute Order. Both, if you buy into a type of string-theory on that like handling faith and Kabbalah as art & science. That’s what I learn by observing my RN, Gailen, here in Portland, OR. I just read a bit from a book based on Kabbalah and his own view and stuff. He’s more grounded than me, but I only see that because this goose ain’t flying much any more.

    I recommend observing from all kinds of biology more than anything else… it is our life as Earth people.


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