It is an important part of the extraalphabetical. The jot. Ancient and modern Hebrew use a jot..  and there I used TWO. IF I use THREE… I feel I can hold ya.. then up… and catch.. grab, swing, release……. . .. . . . . .  . . …. where did you go? You are not here

       If I use no jot   and go like this   do not “margin”-alize   the effect

       because it i’snt ru le- bound other. things ca’

       n go weird

       And that is just a jot on jotting periods and (..) and the (…) and the (………+).

Two jot (..)

   I may look this one up in punctuation. But much study wearies. If no one else named it, I call it a “two step”. Its a jig and not a slide to me.. yes.. uh huh.. and no… Garth Brooks.

| Z | 2014 | I’d on tlike co. untry… I like COUNTY muzak in an elevator. Do n’t sh oo t me, par tner. The N RA is A.O kay?


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