“I was supposed…

“I was supposed to be at a pain clinic 3 days ago.
Instead, I get woken every hot hour to remind me I need to zleep. Madness. I hate Christmas…

Our dad died on Christmas. Not I zm not “cool” on DEC 23rd.

And its debated.

That is my gd LIFE.
I HATE this…
And trying to shop for Christ… mas?
I had numbness
In my jaw
But I am furious
Why age 4Os health matters…
But my chest hurts
I have no defend
Xcept Spirit…
And that is God
Who can throw you

Thanks for 0.0,
All the turkeys…
Thanksgiving bratting
Is so limb…
And its 10am and I MUST NOT complain
But forget

I feel so alone
I waited at the jewelry counter 30 minutes yesterday
In my wheelchair
I guess “wiseguys” get mirth
Frankenstein and mold.

I have more reasons to cry on Dec 23…
Christmas will be the 11th anniversary of WATCHING MY FATHER die of pneumonia

Obviously dignity for those who have to be born in BARNS that smell like cow shit is mine!
Apparently I am cursed??- NO!!
Politicly tough and divine

Christ is with the author
I am no one
I will be
And not
Beat up…

I scorn this holiday shame
I am alone in sorroe
Does anyone owe me?
I cannot even pray
I am so mad
My remembrance of Dad
Is ruined
Family gossips about my wife

I usually have nice things to say
From the visera of my bod
I despise my life
And defer to Jesus and his God

Commercial Christmas
Can kiss it
Is shit

But I hope in God
Barely hanging on


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