The Tree Demons Of Ichthylyrop

      Once upon a time, there were a bunch of demons in a tree. They lived in a huge tree and were blue with pierced ears and they flew on dragons. The tree was really, really big and was blown to shit by heartless human who have no respect for nature. But the blue demons had to die.

        The blue demons called themselves “Avatadar”, which is a name of a human laxative in the 24th century. So we just call them demons. One day a blue demon came out with flowers, apparently to make peace. He said:

      “Tuyvh vhi gerty bhu nkop cgollipokokoky fighit andi killi alliyou whena yur not lookina yes for shuri!”

      Well I guess we misunderstood so we made friends, but as soon as we looked away, everyone but myself was beheaded. I started laughing. Then I ran away. Far away. But they chased me. And now as I am running I am recording this story- lest I have lived (on an alien planet full of wackos) completely in vain.


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